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Healthy & cheap food in London | Best Guides

  Hi everyone, welcome to my blog post. My name is April, and I’m currently a master’s student, studying Environmental Policy and Regulation here at LSE.

Today, I wanted to do a video all about healthy and affordable food options, On campus, as well as in London in general.

And this is a post that I would have personally liked to see, back in September, when I was first starting out. Just because London is one of the most expensive cities I have ever lived in, it’s also one of the most international and diverse cities I’ve also lived in.

That means so many different types of cuisines and options you can find. Being surrounded by other students who are also looking for options on a budget, I’ve come across some places that I think you might enjoy as well.

These options include vegan and vegetarian options, as well as some food markets that are also really good places to socialize, if you have any suggestions or recommendations, I would also really like to know! And I’m sure the viewers as well.

And if you have any questions, don’t forget to leave them below. Hope you find this helpful! This food truck is available on the LSE campus from noon to 2pm, Monday to Friday,

how would you rate it (the food) out of 10? Um… 8! (Big thumbs up!), It’s scrumptious! Meal deals are a really good way to get your main meal, drink, and snack, For 3 pounds!

It’s available at the student union (SU) as well as other groceries stores.

We got the veggie biryani from the student union, it was 3 (pounds) something. Yes, 3.85 or something like that. But it’s very big (portion) and very yummy. I got chicken biryani. Shaw cafe is located on the LSE campus, and it’s vegan and vegetarian food.

It usually comes with a main meal with 1-2 salads, which is a really good deal for 5 pounds., Food markets are a really good way to socialize with your friends and have different options to eat together.

This one, in particular, is Spitalfields Market, located in East London, and this Upmarket is located on Brick lane.

It happens every Sunday! It has up to 40 different ethnic and cultural food available. Just for under 10 pounds! Usually, cheaper. Nic, what did you get? So, I got a mix of different chickens with fried rice, I got green curry, red curry, and Korean BBQ chicken,

 And you got green curry and vegan curry.,10 out of 10? 10 out of 10. Best place in London to eat!  Another really good way to shop affordably but also reduce food waste is Too Good to Go., It’s an app that connects customers to restaurants and stores that have unsold food surplus, I’ve set my location to the LSE campus and this is what comes up.

As you can see, there are so many options just for around 3 to 5 pounds! You can get so much food, including drinks, main meals, snacks…, It really depends on the day, but usually really really good options., And this is just a list of what was available on this day., Another app I wanted to talk about was Uni DAYS, and it’s not particular to just food, but it has coupons available for students that are really good. This one… and there are other options as you can see on this screen.

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